Java IRC development


About Coolsmile

Coolsmile is a friendly chat client software, derived from Eteria IRC project, that connects on IRC chat servers.
It can be used by webmasters as a webchat applet, or by end-users as application.

It is free for use to anyone.
You can spread it, change it, sell it, as long as you keep and respect the GPL license tied to the software.

Java applet for webmasters (2012-04-11)

Download english - dansk build uk dk (Thank to the contribution of Henrik)
Download english - français build uk fr (Thank to the contribution of C. Silvestre, J-M. Drouaud, D. Beaufays, and me)
Download english - deutsch build uk de (Thank to the contribution of Merlin)
Download english - magyar build uk hu (Thank to the contribution of Sarkanyka)
Download english - italiano build uk it (Thank to the contribution of Jody)
Download english - македонски build uk mk (Thank to the contribution of Viper)
Download english - српски build uk sr (Thank to the contribution of M. Popovic)
Download english - español build uk es (Thank to the contribution of Marcelo)

Stand-alone client for Windows users (2012-04-11)

Download Windows installer including all languages above.

All versions include english language. (Contributions J. Kohen and me) Logo Get Java