Java IRC development


List of the applet's parameters

<PARAM name="server" value="localhost">
The IRC serveur IP address (can be omitted, automatically set to the WWW server IP address by default)

<PARAM name="port" value="6667">
IRC port (can be omitted, 6667 by default).

<PARAM name="ssl" value="0">
0 = Plain connection.
1 = SSL/TLS connection.

<PARAM name="irc_pass" value="">
IRC server password.

<PARAM name="mainbg" value="#777777">
Border background color (hexadecimal).

<PARAM name="mainfg" value="#000000">
Border foreground color (hexadecimal).

<PARAM name="textbg" value="#FFFFFF">
Text background color (hexadecimal).

<PARAM name="textfg" value="#000000">
Text foreground color (hexadecimal).

<PARAM name="selbg" value="#F0F0FF">
Selected background color (hexadecimal).

<PARAM name="selfg" value="#000000">
Selected foreground color (hexadecimal).

<PARAM name="join" value="#music,#linux,#sport">
Channels(s) to join automatically after connection (can be omitted).

<PARAM name="username" value="">
Username. Should not be omitted.

<PARAM name="realname" value="">
User's "full name", or "gecos name" (can be anything, usually used for Age-Sex-Location).

<PARAM name="nickname" value="">
Nick (can be omitted, then would be input by the user).

<PARAM name="nicksrv_pass" value="">
NickServ password of the user's nickname (can be omitted, and only Anope, Epona Services and their clones are supported at the moment)

<PARAM name="login" value="1">
0 = Applet don't connect automatically on IRC, but wait for the user to do something.
1 = Applet connect automatically on IRC.

<PARAM name="asl" value="0">
0 = Age-Sex-Location box never displayed.
1 = Age-Sex-Location box displayed when user is disconnected from IRC server.
(Age-Sex-Location, shown as a rollover to others users)

<PARAM name="disable_cmds" value="">
List of commands not allowed for users (commas or spaces separated)
NOTE : A disabled command could be passed by /QUOTE, so it makes sense to disable QUOTE also.

<PARAM name="spawn_frame" value="0">
0 = Applet open in current navigator frame.
1 = Applet open in a new window which depend of parent frame.

<PARAM name="gui_nick" value="1">
0 = remove the nick change field
1 = add it (default)

<PARAM name="gui_away" value="1">
0 = remove the away menu
1 = add it (default)

<PARAM name="gui_chanlist" value="1">
0 = remove the channels list
1 = add it (default)

<PARAM name="gui_userlist" value="1">
0 = remove the users list
1 = add it (default)

<PARAM name="gui_options" value="1">
0 = remove the options button
1 = add it (default)

<PARAM name="gui_help" value="1">
0 = remove the help button
1 = add it (default)

<PARAM name="gui_connect" value="1">
0 = remove the connect button
1 = add it (default)

<PARAM name="width" value="800">
Width (useful for Mac IE 5.x, or for the parameter spawn_frame enabled)

<PARAM name="height" value="600">
Height (useful for Mac IE 5.x, or for the parameter spawn_frame enabled)

<PARAM name="debug_traffic" value="0">
0 = No debug messages
1 = Debug messages in Java console.

<PARAM name="write_color" value="1">
Default color of the text sent to chat (from 0 to 15).

<PARAM name="font_name" value="SansSerif">
Name of characters font, Dialog, Serif, SansSerif, etc...

<PARAM name="font_size" value="12">
Font size.

<PARAM name="language" value="">
Currently "da", "de", "en", "es", "fr", "hu", "mk", "it", "sr" are supported (auto-detect if omitted) Logo Get Java